Friday, July 29

Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution in America

When I first heard about this, knowing Jamie from his old TV shows filmed in UK, I thought...this sounds like lots of fun! ...I never expected that this show would stir in me so much emotion, I was won over from the first episode. I saw in this young man a higher purpose than having a 'job' in cooking or being a TV host. He is one of the 'awakened' ones who are responsible with planting the seeds of change in these troubled times we are living. I am sure he doesn't see himself this way. He says he started cooking because he noticed he's good at it and made him feel good. He may not even believe it, but he has found his Soul mission. Because what he's started is more than 'a fun thing to do'. His way of doing things is unique and the energy he is putting out there is causing a shift in mentality and raises the vibration of all those who watch him. 
I have noticed the way he appreciates what nature is providing and puts on his cooking table, and how he talks about each vegetable, fruit, or piece of meat, how 'exquisite', brilliant, great looking, they are. How he is not afraid to use his hands when preparing food, how he engages full heartedly, all his senses, smell, touch, sight,  in the experience of preparing food for others.
If it is true that each meal carries the energy-print of the one who cooked it, then I am sure that the food that Jamie cooks has a positive energy, due to his intentions.
I was surprised to see that the Facebook page he created to support the food revolution in the US, has only around 200 thousand 'likes', while the petition is signed by 700 thousand. It may sound like a lot to the 'untrained eye'. But considering the scope of what he's trying to do, it is a fairly small number. 
However he has touched the hearts of many and his projects changed lives. This is not something you hear on the news, but something that spreads trough word of mouth, and I am confident that he will succeed in bringing awareness where there is none, regardless of continent, country or state. The young people are our future, and they need to realize what is happening now with the food industry world wide. Things have to change, and change needs to start from our families and communities, it is the only way. Waiting for decisions to come from government or institutions that respond to political interests, is not the way. People can trigger change. That's the way to do it. Don't wait for others to come and save you. Save yourself, save your loved ones, save your friends and family, then spread the change to your community, city, state, and so on.
This is the way and we can do this everywhere in the world, not only about food being served in schools or other venues. But with every other project for change. 
Blessings to you all..

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