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The 3 Horses - a message from Kryon

Dear all, 
this is the transcript of "The multi-dimensional human" message that Kryon delivered on October 24, 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The message starts with a clarification about the karmic system, then Kryon talks about our ability to Ascend, same way that Elijah did in the Bible story. In the end it is a call for unity, love and compassion, for all people around the world, especially during these transformation times. Listening to it I was deeply moved. I took the time to transcribe it as I believe everyone should read it and try to implement this profound knowledge in their lives... 

"Greetings Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic service.
I am always aware of where I am, I am aware of the souls that are here. If it is true that the Creator is inside you and I am part of the creative energy, I know who you are. I know the issues that you face. I know why you’ve come. Some have come just to enjoy the energy and some have come with profound sorrow. Some have come with problems that they think are unsolvable. And I know them all. Sometimes you sit and ponder life, do you not, and you wonder what is all about. Why would this happen to me, to my family? And you ask yourself truly, 'is it worth it?', 'what is life about?', and in these lessons in these days we wanted to give you an overview.
It is not about what happens to you, it truly is what you do with it. As if the events around you push various buttons that say: how are you going to deal with this, how are you going to deal with that.
There was an old system, for we again speak of system -the system of the human being of the planet earth. and it required that the human be put in test situations. And almost all of you are, and that has a name and it is called karma. Twenty one years ago I spoke to you and I said there is a new energy on this planet and the energy voids karma. Meaning the very system of humanity on Earth is changing. Karma is developed in order to put lessons in front of human. These lessons then generate a vibrational change on the planet depending on how they are dealt with . Many times karma is put in front of you with family and you have a chance to learn its lessons or not, and then it may happen again. All of this old system, is as if you were riding in a boat and you never knew where it was going. And somehow it would steer into dangerous waters, anxiety, drama, and it is how you deal with it, that changes the planet. It does not empower the human, but it is the oldest esoteric system on Earth and the ancients spoke of it. We said twenty one years ago that it is over for those who wish it to be. It is true karma is still here but the human being has now the ability to step out of it, to reach and take the tiller of the boat and steer the boat into calm waters. The reason is that the energy of you today on this planet empowers you to steer your own course .Because you will be far more successful in raising the planets vibration with the wisdom that you now have that has been given to you over the last generation. Many of you are beginning to realize it and to use it and it is maybe the simplest change there is .
And now I am going to give you a complexity, show you the mastery within, the esoterics of who you are. I love to reveal a beautiful system for you, that shows you why you were in the boat steering it yourself. How do I begin?
Oh human being, God loves you! As you sit there, God loves you!
We want you to leave differently than you came, to hear us clearly, we want you to participate in the energy of discovery. There are some things you cannot change around you, but if you will change yourself you will watch those things change. It is an interesting system. Where the more that you are able to claim the mastery within you, the more things around you shift. Why would that be? Because you are steering the boat. Because you are in charge of your own life.
Let us begin by revealing something about yourself . In that which is your reality, you are very singular. There is around you a feeling that everything on Earth is one item, starting with your own body. There is one body, one life, one soul, one God , one truth, one reality. This is the singular bias that the human being has of themselves. There can only be one of you since you’re only on one track of reality that goes from the past to the future. When you look in the mirror you see one face. This is a tridimensional reality. And it hides everything you are. Could it be that there is more? Could it be that there is more around you that you can see, that perhaps you’ve had help, could it be that you are bigger than you think? But you can’t see it in the mirror.
I see the old soul, I see the wisdom of you, I see the reason you’re here. I was with you before you came, in your time, moments before you decided to come back to the Earth, I looked at you and said "are you ready to do this yet again?", and I remember what you said. Each said something different. You had control of the elements, beautiful colors makeup the speech, music was everywhere, music you remember. And you said to me: "I would not miss this time, this is when the Earth is going to shift, this is what I’ve been waiting for". And I said "You’ve been here so many times,why would you now go back?" And you said "My family is there, I would not miss this". And this is the truth, old soul. You’ve been here so many times, your wisdom is so great but you don’t know it. The invitation this day is to see the mastery inside and start understanding who you are. In the process you will change your life , the things around you will change. and you will start to gain more joy, you will start waking up joyful.
I’m going to take you back to a Bible story, it is a true one, recorded in your Old Testament, the Hebrew testament and I’m going to take you on a journey. It’s a story  about the prophet Elijah, the Hebrew prophet. (Kings 2, in the Catholic and Protestant Bible versions). Indeed he was a master and very wise one. And he knew God. I’m going to show you his ascension, as it happened then. 
Elijah told those around him "I’m going to ascend, I’m going home, it is time". And the master he was knew how. When the time was up, he wished to cross the veil without death. Around him he had many wise people. Elisha wanted to be like him, to have his wisdom, the wisdom of the master. He asked Elijah if he would pass this to him, the profound work of the prophet. Elijah agreed and said " Record my ascension, tell everyone what you see", as he knew what was going to happen. "I want you to be here with me, I want you to see a human being ascend. Follow this with me". Elijah said "goodbye, it is time". You could feel the sacredness of what was going to happen, Elijah walked into the field and what happened next has been written for you to see. All that happened was multidimensional. And so the only thing that Elisha could report was what he could see in 3d. Elisha was wise, and he knew that he could only see that which was seeable. But there was more. And so he was watching for the metaphors that might occur. He knew he had to record it with his eyes and write it down the best he could. That’s when the lights started. It was beautiful! Elijah was turning into light.
And now dear human being I want you to know something. There was no chariot from the sky that came to get Elijah. God did not come and 'fetch' the master. Instead the master turned into a piece of God. Right where he stood, the light intensified so that Elisha could almost not keep his eyes open, colors were beautiful, there was no sound, and that made it seem even more mystical. Such power was there, it looked like his master was on fire , the light took him to his knees, and thru the tears of his sorrow he watched his master ascend. That’s when he saw it. He saw Three white horses appear around the light, and the light almost split into 3 parts, and his master seeming to ride on the light. Elisha knew there were no horses in the light and in the sky and so he knew it was a metaphor, just for him.
Now I want to tell you what happened. I will give you point by point the system of the human being.
Dear human, this is going to be difficult for you to understand, but you are no different from Elijah. You may not have opened the door and the portal that is there, you maybe are not a wise prophet, but everything that Elijah had, you do. How much of it you use is your choice. How much of that light is in your life is your choice. But you carry the potential of everything that Elisha saw.
Elisha named the energy of Elijah’s chariot, he gave it a Hebrew name that you know even today, a word that in Hebrew means to ride, a sacred ride it was, he gave a name to the energy of the light that was around Elijah. A light that went out 8 meters from his body, and seemed to shine like the sun. And he called it the merkaba. And each of you have it. I look into this audience, and I see the lights of all of you, when you’re sitting next to a person, and your merkaba goes 8 meters out, who else is your consciousness touching, family ? Do you realize your influence? And if you’ve never activated anything that is sacred in you, it does nothing. But if you’ve opened this door, shaman, to let the light in your life, you are the healer you think you are . And everywhere you walk GOD knows you, but so does Gaia. Every footprint is known, for you are seeding the earth with light. This is the potential of every human.  I am going to pull apart the 3 basic sacred elements of the system of humanity: the 3 white horses are the 3 multidimensional parts of every human ,just like Elijah.
1) Number One, the largest one that you carry with you , that you would call a piece of the Creator, has been named as the Higher Self. The Higher Self is inside you, it is not in the sky and it is not higher than you are. It vibrates higher than you do, therefore it is the high-er self. This part of you is your core soul sacredness, and most of the world is not aware of it. Most of the humans walking around have no idea of it, and it sits quietly, and it can do nothing without the human asking. Human being , free choice is everything. The human can’t steer their own boat without asking, opening the door, giving intent. It does not happen automatically. It is honoring the free choice of the human. That’s the largest horse, it’s beautiful, a piece of creation itself, everyone of you has it, it is not another entity, it is the core of you. There are so many humans who say they are afraid to open that door, because they don’t know what is going to happen. But my partner (Lee Caroll, the channeler) told you what happened 21 years ago when he opened the door.He said just a few words: "If you’re there, show me". And we did. And in those moments, I did nothing. He met his Higher Self, and it scared him. For he felt for a moment his sole connection with the Universe. And the most incredible love he has ever known. That is the higher self. And he had to meet that before I was ever able to come in, and that is the system , in touch with that which is elemental and you. In touch with the core soul energy of the Creator and of life. And that’s what you meet first, that’s how you learn how to love yourself first. Its the only way you can learn how to work in a quantum way. The higher self starts to teach you. It is you. Could there be anything more beautiful ? That at some level you meet yourself? It’s a beautiful system.
2) The second horse. Is difficult to explain, for now we become quantum. Coming in with you is a seemingly soul split , it is what you would call guides, and when you say "my angels" ,that which you feel around you, which seems to be helping you, is actually you. Eight meters around you, is your energy field. And that’s where they are. And it seems like they are other entities to you, because you are singular. Your reality says you only have one piece of you, your body. Therefore when you sense others around you, it has to be entities, doesn’t it? Has to be your helpers, your guides, your angels, some of you give them names, that’s all appropriate, but here is the truth: they are you. They are the second white horse. They come in with you, they are part of you and they are also part of that which is your core soul energy.
Notice how many parts that are esoteric we’re telling you about. Three. Have you seen the 3 lately? The 3 is the catalytic number , watch for it , for it tells you things are changing. The second horse is represented by that guide-set which is around you- what do they do? First of all they are you. They know you very well, they know how to help you, they know you better than anyone. But they sit there and they do nothing, until you activate them. My partner sat in the chair and when he said the words "Alright who are you, come in", the guide-set applauded. They saw the potentials. They saw what might happen ,they saw him asking permission to see them. The emotion was overwhelming for him, not only did he meet his Higher Self, but he had a choir of his own angels singing songs. No wonder he slammed the door, it was frightening (especially for an engineer.)
This is different for everyone. Some of you have opened the door, some of you’ve done it gradually, some of you were aware at birth you would do this , some of you have walked with these angels of yours all of your life. It brings you here today. I know who is here: the healers, the channelers, those who write the books, all of you are helping humanity, all of you have the door open for you, remember my partner went from zero to everything all at once and it was traumatic for him. We didn’t show him the third piece, until 6 years ago, and the third piece is the hardest one to explain. These 3 pieces have been identified by almost every religion on the planet. For all those in high spiritual places feel the three. Prophets and masters who’ve walked the Earth have labeled them and they all have different names, in this culture they are known as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
3) From those 3 the hardest one to explain is the Holy Spirit. What is it? Well, it is a spirit of holiness. What is it? Not the Higher Self, not the angels around you, but it’s a helpful energy that seems to represent everything. Is it possible that part of you is everywhere? The answer is Yes. Difficult to explain. But you are in a quantum state with everything. This allows for the synchronicity that some of you count on. You call it conscious creation. A co-creative human being knows something is going to happen, has no detail about it (what, when, where) but plans for it. You are in tune quantumly with everything. This is a human being who is not in 3d, who can think out of that structure and put themselves in a place of absolute knowing. The answers will occur when they are supposed to , I don’t know when, I have no idea what they will be, or when they will occur, but I’m counting on it, therefore I will plan for it. And because they represent solutions in my life , I am peaceful. Because I know it’s on the way, because I know it’s coming, there is no drama in my life about it. Have you met those like that?
Look at the face of the Christ. Did He know his future? And did you see it on His face? NO. What did you see on His face? The joy of God. The animals who followed Him around knew it, the Earth knew it as every footstep was taken. He said: "I am the son of God, and so are you" . He said that. He wanted you to know that everything He represented on the planet is available to you, right now. That was the message. 
Those are the 3 horses. Difficult to explain. How would you begin to implement this information now? Is it too complex, what’s next to you? This is the information I give you for 21 years. Sit down in the chair and with pure intent and full surrender say “Dear God, I am ready to start opening this door, take my hand and slowly show me the way". And then trust your first intuition, the hardest thing the human does, you have an intuition about something and immediately you throw it away and later you say "I knew that would happen", so why didn't you believe it? Because it comes from you, and humans are taught that they are nothing, that they are born dirty, they don’t have the wisdom of God and to throw away those things which are good. Trust your intuition. It is the best way your angels have of talking to you. Those pieces and parts of yourself that reside in your merkaba, communicate through intuition. Start to trust it. It is like a muscle in the body that is quantum. The more you trust it the more it reveals itself, you get better at it and better at it, pretty soon you’ll live by it. I just gave you the secret: pure intent, full surrender, trusting your intuition, practice. And these things will start a journey, it’s got to be pure, it’s got to be something that you do because you are involved in it, not something you try, like a new program of exercise. It’s got to be complete with every cell of your body. 
Now finally I give you this: Old soul, you are here for a reason.
Maybe everything I’ve said you already know and this is only a time for reminder. The shift is upon you, it is moving to South America. It’s a time to put things together not tear them apart. It’s a time for unification. Is there someone you don’t like? Is there someone you won’t work with? Is that unity?! They’re family. Can you look at them and learn to love them no matter what has happened between you.
If you can, you are one who is gluing together that which needs to be glued. If you continue to walk the other way, you’re tearing things apart. It is time for family to unify. Recognize the light in the others around you, throw away the differences of how you might perceive, of what you think they are doing to you or you to them, and see them as brothers and sisters. Take their hand and look in their eyes, and say to them "I forgive you, can you forgive me, so we can work together?" It doesn’t mean you have to have a business together, just means you have to acknowledge that you are both children of God and you have a right to work and saw your own seeds of light on the Planet, and you agree to do it with one love, compassion and consciousness. It is about maturing and it is time, and the energy that is moving here will promote this. Be part of it, it is why you were born now, it is why you are here now, hearing this, and some of you are so ready! This is the message you need : unify, glue together, collide, this is the message of the day, the only message.
What are you going to do with this? When you go home today, is this going to seem just a meeting? This is my advice, go home and implement this. When you are alone, take that time you need, sit in a place alone and say "Is this really true?", start using your intuitive power, start asking yourself "Can this really be, what can I do Kryon, Higher Self ,are you there? Help me in these things!"
Trust your intuition, go slowly with compassion. This is going to make a difference. Slowly you may start going with other people, meeting together, even with those you might not have met before, because you didn’t like what they were doing. Learn to trust family. And become compassionate. Implement what you’ve learned today. You are the old souls of the planet who are going to awaken the mastery that is yours to awaken.(...)
And so it is."

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