Wednesday, December 29

Fire the Grid meditation 11.01.2011

Hi Everyone,
We will again gather to practice in focussing our intents for a new world next January 11th at 11:11 am. 
For those of you who can't at that time just choose another hour during the day putting the intent that it will be synchronized with the others because there is not really a time in the astral. Everyone can do this meditation in 
the comfort of their homes for the moment.
Find a relax position in a calm place. Ask your ancestors, your guardian angels or guides to assist you in your task. Take some deep cleansing breaths. Now imagine a beautiful landscape that makes you feel in love with our dear planet. As your heart fills with Love, imagine a golden ball forming in your heart chakra and send it to the heart centre of our Mother Earth. Wait for her response. You will feel her love. Bring it back to your heart. Imagine now Father Sky with all the stars, the suns, the galaxies, the vastness of Space above your head and send this love to either our Sun or to the Centre of the Galaxy. Wait for Father Sky's response to you. Feel his love for you and than send this wonderful love all around you, very far so it reaches places of the world in need. Visualize the Earth completely rejuvenated in her pristine state with humans living in Peace, Love, Harmony and Abundance for all. Say thank you and be grateful for this moment.

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